Writing with Tarot Masterpost for #AuthorToolboxBlogHop

Welcome to my first post for the Author Toolbox Blog Hop! Today I am going to be presenting some of my all-time favourite tips for generating writing prompts: using tarot cards. I’ve already shown you how to use them to create three-act plot structures and expanding upon that into Freytag’s Pyramid but there’s so muchContinue reading “Writing with Tarot Masterpost for #AuthorToolboxBlogHop”

Freytag’s Pyramid Tarot Writing Prompt

The other day, we looked at a basic tarot trick for creating writing prompts. You can make an Aristotelian three-act story structure from the cards. Now we’ll take it a step further and look in depth at expanding our structure to incorporate what’s known as Freytag’s pyramid. Here is today’s sample spread. Instead of threeContinue reading “Freytag’s Pyramid Tarot Writing Prompt”

Make Writing Prompts with Tarot Cards

There are a lot of prompt books and lists for creative writing but once I discovered how to use a tarot deck, I have never needed any other tool to get warmed up or to break writer’s block. Using a tarot deck to generate writing prompts works by providing just the right amount of structureContinue reading “Make Writing Prompts with Tarot Cards”