Palestinian Folktale: Nani, Daughter of Nani.

There was and there was not a king and queen who were childless. One day a dervish came by who was selling mountain apples. He cried his produce saying they would help the childless to conceive. The king asked the dervish about the apples. “Will it really do as you say?” “Indeed,” said the holyContinue reading “Palestinian Folktale: Nani, Daughter of Nani.”

Abu Jmeel’s Daughter and Other Stories: Arab Folk Tales from Palestine and Lebanon, 2002

The teller of these tales is Jamal Sleem Nuweihed, but we are also given a lineage of tellers she received the stories from over the course of her life, with each given a short bio! The Palestinian Lady: Sitt NuzhaAunt Jamal wrote:This lady was the most entertaining of all the storytellers. Her memory was extremelyContinue reading “Abu Jmeel’s Daughter and Other Stories: Arab Folk Tales from Palestine and Lebanon, 2002”

From Cedar to Hyssop, Crowfoot and Baldensperger, 1932

From Cedar to Hyssop is one of my favourite books of Palestinian folklore, and certainly one of the least racist. Following this blog for any amount of time will show that finding sources such as this is a rare treat, excepting contemporary works by Palestinians. You have to take the rough with the smooth whenContinue reading “From Cedar to Hyssop, Crowfoot and Baldensperger, 1932”

Legends of Palestine, Vilnay, 1932

Continuing the series of contents from the various works of folklore about and from Palestine, here is the lengthy contents of Legends of Palestine, by geographer Zev Vilnay. His preoccupation with geography is, I think, obvious from his arrangement and selection of tales: The Center of the World The Stone of Foundation The Stone ofContinue reading “Legends of Palestine, Vilnay, 1932”

Legends of Palestine, 1932

Let’s talk a little about Legends of Palestine, by Zev Vilnay. This isn’t a review, per se since the work is out of print. It can still be found relatively cheaply from second-hand booksellers. Mine cost approximately $5.00 CND. It is an English translation of his earlier Hebrew work Agadot Erez Yisrael from 1929. InContinue reading “Legends of Palestine, 1932”