An Illustrated Treasury of Palestinian Folktales Vol. 1, 2014

These stories are a delight. There are princes, princesses, village beauties, jealous cousins, magic, genies, and more all in one tiny book! I immediately told these to the pleasure of my audience who asked if there were more, and there are! This is only the first volume of the collection. I am unsure if theContinue reading “An Illustrated Treasury of Palestinian Folktales Vol. 1, 2014”

Bible Tales in Arab Folk-Lore, 1928

My newest acquisition! Bible Tales in Arab Folk-Lore by Joseph Meyouhas, translated from Hebrew by Victor N. Levi. Once again, it is quotation time and once again, there is some disturbingly racist material in the introduction: The modern Syrian Arabs are descended in unbroken, if not in racially pure, lineage from the Philistines, Canaanites andContinue reading “Bible Tales in Arab Folk-Lore, 1928”

First Impressions and Inquiring Minds

For the first time, I’ve rounded up all of my books of Palestinian folktales in one place. It’s quite an experience. I have longed for just one such book for most of my life. I remember walking through the stacks in university libraries looking for just one and being disappointed every time. Now I own sevenContinue reading “First Impressions and Inquiring Minds”