#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop and… Fairy Tales

Last night I thought that I glanced at a writer’s craft book all about how to transform fairy tales into original fiction. I was wrong, but it did give me an idea for this week’s #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop. 🙂 How *do* you fracture a fairy tale anyway? Take some tips from storytellers, via Vladimir Propp’s Morphology ofContinue reading “#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop and… Fairy Tales”

#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop and… Marketing Baby Steps

Marketing is our topic for today’s #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop. Well, this topic seems really strange to me; I’m one of those people who hates marketing. As such, I think it might be useful to talk a little about what holds us back and how we can get ourselves acclimated to the wonderful world of community building. IContinue reading “#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop and… Marketing Baby Steps”

Writing the Other: a book recommendation for #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop

I have a book to recommend for this month’s #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop. I’ve lost count of the number of times this month I’ve come across some variation of anxiousness over a writer who earnestly wants to do right by cultural material and characters that are not their own. I always recommend this book: Writing the Other byContinue reading “Writing the Other: a book recommendation for #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop”