Contes populaires de Palestine, 2003

This little book contains stories found elsewhere, in collections such as Speak, Bird, Speak Again! and Arab Folktales, but there are a few that are new. TABLE Le roi des oiseaux [The King of the Birds] Jloûkoum [Jloukoum] La ruse d’Abou l-Housayn [The Cleverness of Abou Housayn] L’oiselle demoiselle [Little Miss Bird] Châhîn [Shahin] CelleContinue reading “Contes populaires de Palestine, 2003”

Les Septs Crins Magiques et Autres Contes de Palestine, 2011

Les Sept Crins Magiques et Autres Contes de Palestine, by Praline Gay-Para and Louise Heugel is a delightful little book. The stories were told originally by Fakhri Habib Ghnayyim of Beit Jala, Taghrid Abou-Srour from Bethlehem, while others are from collections by Inea Bushnaq and Sonia Nimr. Sommaire/ SUMMARY Les deux frères [The Two Brothers]Continue reading “Les Septs Crins Magiques et Autres Contes de Palestine, 2011”