Free Palestine Prayers and Spells

This is a growing compendium of ‘spooky’ ways to aid the global movement for a Free Palestine. Here, you will find prayers, sigils, workings, invocations, and rituals that are free to anyone of any faith, and none.

If you have something to add to the list, contact me through the contact form. Thank you.

Marian prayer:

“O Mary Immaculate, gracious Queen of Heaven and Earth, we Beseech you to turn a pitying glance upon Palestine, which more than any other country, belongs to you, and from there you have given the Redeemer to the world. Watch, therefore, with special protection over your native country, bring Peace and Justice to the people of the Holy Land.”

A Du’a for Palestine:

“O Allah, help and protect the people of Palestine. O Allah, ease their pain and suffering. O Allah, bestower of Mercy, bestow your mercy on them. O Allah, open people’s hearts to give in this time of crisis. O Allah, help those who are in need, wherever they may be.”

Poet and writer Hiba Abu Nada, from Gaza, and killed by Israel. An excerpt from her last poem:

I shelter you
from wound and woe,
and with seven verses
I shield

the taste of orange
from phosphorus,
the color of clouds
from smoke.

A United Prayer for Palestine

(Adapted from the United Church of Canada, revised by Sonia Sulaiman)

Steadfast God,
As we witness to the horrors and heartbreak in Palestine, we seek your comfort and strength, your shelter and hope, your peace and your blessings.

Bless all those who continually attempt to live your teachings of compassion and reconciliation for those most affected by the genocide in Palestine.

These actions are green leaves on a weakening tree, clear signs of hope, even as fear, death, and grief overwhelm.

Bless all those who mourn, whose heartbreak and sorrow are too deep for words. In their despair may your unshakeable roots protect and hold them in love. And provide us all with the strength to yearn “more than those who watch for morning” for a time when peace prevails globally and especially in Palestine.

Bless all who prayerfully seek a peace with justice that leads toward abundant life for all the people of Palestine. Help those of us more removed from the direct conflict to care for and support those of us who are most affected in Palestine. May we work with others toward peace-building that is guided by justice, compassion, and mercy. Together, may we anticipate a time when Palestine will be a symbol of justice, peace, and liberation for all.

Like an olive tree planted by water,
sending out its roots by the stream,
may our commitment toward a just peace in Palestine never falter,
     may our hope not be uprooted,
     may our actions bear good fruit,
     may our love be steadfast.

Until freedom and justice for all comes,
may it be so.

Earth-Centred Prayer for Palestine

(Adapted from OBOD Prayer for Peace, revised by Sonia Sulaiman)

Deep within the still centre of my being
May I find peace, and justice.
Silently within the quiet of the Grove
May I share peace, and justice.
Gently (or powerfully) within the greater circle of humankind
May I radiate peace, and justice especially to the kin of Palestine
Free the people, free the land.

Sonia’s Basic Free Palestine Charm Kit:

Components: a container (small bag, or a bottle), olive pit, black pepper, thyme, black tea. Put each one in while thinking about your intention: the olive to represent Palestine, the pepper for courage, the thyme and tea for protection.

If you want to, pray over it. A good practice before you even open the container is to say “in the Name of God” or “bismillah.” This is traditional. You can further invoke God’s aspects as Loving and Merciful “ya Rahman, ya Rahim.”

Substitute anything meaningful for you. “This is for [family/friend’s name here]” works, or just say “from the River to the Sea Palestine is Free.” (present tense).

Deluxe options: Delving into Palestinian lore first, components to use (not to consume!): cedar, meis, Rose of Jericho (aka the Rose of Mary/The Virgin), mandrake root. Black and/or red stones, charms of Mary and Saint George.

Charbi’s Charmed Tea for Palestine

(Especially designed for strikers and protestors)

Ingredients: black tea (repels negativity and promotes movement/strength), rosemary (protection, also good for sore throats/anti bacterial), a slice of orange (for abundance, intuition, prosperity) and a spoon of honey (to bind intention, sweeten ears of those listening, and also good for sore throats!)

Mix with prayer and/or intention, preferably with moon water.

Sigils for a Free Palestine,

by Sonia Sulaiman. The second Free Palestine sigil I created has 8 elements: freedom, equality, faith, protection, healing, community, cooperation, and justice from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea.

“I am part of the global majority for peace, justice, and liberation of Palestine. Everyone for everyone.” Also by Sonia Sulaiman, for Bublemagi on Twitter.

“The empire is not permanent. The empire will fall.”

“We will win and we will all be free”

By Sonia Sulaiman for Saltytrashwitch on Twitter.

“Palestinians are alive, Palestinians will survive.”

“Palestinians are my kin and together we will secure liberation.”

Also by Sonia Sulaiman for Saltytrashwitch on Twitter.