• A Rosary for Mary, Queen of Palestine

    A friend, Kelly-Ann Maddox, recommended an interesting book of Marian devotions to me called Birthing the Holy: Wisdom from Mary to Nurture Creativity and Renewal by Christine Valters Paintner. In it, there are practices and devotions for aspects of Mary from around the world, a collection of her archetypes. In the first devotion, Our Lady… Continue reading

  • Spooky for Palestine

    I’m thinking of putting together some material for Palestinians in the diaspora who would like to re-connect to the ‘everyday religion’ of Palestine, as near as possible when not actually living in Palestine. Maybe through some articles here on Patreon? What do you think? I don’t trust putting materials on Twitter anymore… Continue reading

  • Fantasy Magazine Debut!

    It’s here! My Fantasy Magazine debut! It will be available for free online October 3rd. Continue reading

  • The Last Bride

    I received word from the Ontario Arts Council that they would not be funding my Palestinian folklore art project. I have one last piece that I’ve made for it. Maybe I’ll return to it at some point but for now, it’s shelved. This last concept for the Bride, or Palestinian dryad, is made in Procreate… Continue reading

  • Clarion Flash Fic Workshop: Week Four

    Yeah, I… look, time is confusing, okay? I’m finding it difficult to keep track of my place with the lectures, assignments, and critiques staggered as they are. It’s fine. But I keep writing my assignments ahead of time, which means I get nervous about having messed up the schedule. So far, I’ve written four stories!… Continue reading

  • Farewell, Strange Horizons!

    In the time honoured tradition of announcing secrets, I have news that I can only talk about obliquely. And change. Big changes. Today, I parted ways with the wonderful collective over at Strange Horizons. I was a First Reader for the magazine, but the news I can’t announce yet prevents me from having the time… Continue reading

  • I Lied

    I said no more social media platforms! I was DONE. So done. But no, I’ve signed up for just one more. It’s an old one, very old. Old as balls. I now have a journal at Dreamwidth. If you’re not familiar with DW, it’s built on the original code for Livejournal and works exactly the… Continue reading

  • Palestinian Folktale: Pomegranate Seeds

    There are a lot of ghoul stories in Palestinian folklore. Here’s one of them. It’s called Pomegranate Seeds. It begins with a woman who had an only child, a daughter. This was in the olden days when there were no schools… The girl was sent to the sheikh for her lessons. Every day she would… Continue reading

  • Do Not Recommend

    I’ll be recovering from oral surgery for the next month at least. A tooth extraction went badly and they had to reconstruct my sinus! I don’t have time for a long post, and I’ll spare you the gory details anyway… But I’m going to take it easy for the next few weeks while I recover.… Continue reading

  • I Have No Tweets Yet I Must Screech

    Ahhhhhhh! Not Tor dominating novella AND novel nominations for the Hugo awards?! ETA: …so, apparently the list of finalists was ‘released in error and is not correct.’ Continue reading