Test... test. Is this thing on?

Hello friends. It has been a tumultuous autumn. I've been on hiatus for most of it. Change is in the air, for better or worse. The biggest change is that I am no longer taking care of my mother at home. She's in hospital at the moment, and we're looking into long term care options. 

My work on Thyme Travelers: An Anthology of Palestinian Speculative Fiction as well as a Secret Project, has been on hold until I resolve mom's care plan. I cannot thank you enough for your moral and financial support during this time. It's truly been a blessing to us both.

As I zoom across the city to appointments and visits with mom, I am spending more time on public transit these days. To make the most of my time, and give myself something relaxing to do in these troubled times, I've returned to an old hobby: urban sketching. That is, drawing and painting on location.

Lastly, I have locked up at Twitter and will be spending most of my social media time elsewhere. You can find me on Mastodon at soniasulaiman@wandering.shop, and my urban sketching at pekkuvaeltaja@mastodon.ART. I'm also on Instagram, also at pekkuvaeltaja.

How are you managing this changing time?

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