A Rosary for Mary, Queen of Palestine

A friend, Kelly-Ann Maddox, recommended an interesting book of Marian devotions to me called Birthing the Holy: Wisdom from Mary to Nurture Creativity and Renewal by Christine Valters Paintner. In it, there are practices and devotions for aspects of Mary from around the world, a collection of her archetypes.

In the first devotion, Our Lady of the Rosary, Paintner invites us to write our own prayers, guiding us by example. I ran with this, and made my own prayers for the rosary reflecting my needs and how I envision the Great Mystery.

Here they are. Feel free to use them. I also invite you to write your own prayers, in whatever tradition you follow– or none.

O Mary, Queen of Palestine,
font of courage, source of strength,
the miracles of your Son inspire me.
O Mary, Mirror of Justice,
pray that perfect justice abides in Palestine.

By the Holy Names and the Mystery. Amen.

O Mystery, the Name,
Source of all blessing, breath of Life,
Hear a seeker’s humble words,
that by your Word all may know Love
in the Universe as it is Beyond.
Sustain us, strengthen and keep us near.
Protect us from harm and from wrong.
All things reflect Your perfection.

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