Canaanite Mythology: Anat and Aqhat

I must share one of my favourite moments from Canaanite myth: that time a hero turned down Anat’s offer of immortality.

“Bows are for warriors–do women ever hunt?” Anat laughs in his face at this. “Listen to me, Aqhat the Hero, listen to me while I speak: If I meet you on the path of rebellion, on the proud path, I’ll make you fall under my feet, you pretty-boy he-man.” And stamped her foot.

She speaks with El, father of the gods, to get permission to have revenge on Aqhat. But she doesn’t spare El either: “Don’t rejoice in the height of your palace: don’t rely on your walls! I’ll smash your head, I’ll make your gray hair run with blood, your gray beard with gore;”

‘Then you may call to Aqhat–he can rescue you from the hand of Maiden Anat!” But El the compassionate replied: “I know you, daughter, how angry you can be.” And gives her what she wants, like a doting father.

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