Farewell, Strange Horizons!

In the time honoured tradition of announcing secrets, I have news that I can only talk about obliquely. And change. Big changes.

Today, I parted ways with the wonderful collective over at Strange Horizons. I was a First Reader for the magazine, but the news I can’t announce yet prevents me from having the time for being a First Reader.

It feels very strange to not be a submissions editor. It looks like I’ve been reading slush for almost exactly four years. I started in 2019 with Uncanny Magazine, where I first learned the trade. I was on the team at Augur Magazine sometime later. Finally, I left Uncanny when I was offered a place at Strange Horizons.

It was with Strange Horizons that I got my first Hugo nomination as First Reader (Uncanny, of course, did win Hugos while I was with them, but they don’t list their submissions editors on the ballot). And thus, I had my Bad First Hugo Experience (which I can discuss another time!).

A huge thanks to the Strange Horizons Editorial Collective. I hope this will not be farewell, but be the start of new kind of relationship to the magazine. That’s cryptic enough, I think?

It’s been a long, interesting journey. I’m ready for the next chapter.

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