I Lied

I said no more social media platforms! I was DONE. So done. But no, I’ve signed up for just one more. It’s an old one, very old. Old as balls.

I now have a journal at Dreamwidth. If you’re not familiar with DW, it’s built on the original code for Livejournal and works exactly the same. The UI, communities, everything. If you can stand to slow down after being on the social media thrill ride, it’s a really nice experience.

I’m even getting back into some of the writing and roleplay communities over there (starting with the antagonist from my WIP, the djinn who dooms his civilization all for a good cause, of course…).

There are waves of new folks signing up all the time because social media is a disaster. But now I have a place to be chill and brain dump about writing, life, and such. This blog is where I’ll put things that are important and precious to me, that I wouldn’t want to lose if somehow DW went under. But for casual long-form posts? Find me over there!

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