Clarion Flash Fic Workshop: Week One

Above is the epigraph for my most recent story ‘Let the Die Be Cast.’ It’s my first attempt at alternate history AND my first epistolary fic! I’ve been reading a lot of primary sources on Palestinian history, especially the late Ottoman period, and during the British Mandate. When our instructor gave us the week one prompt to write about a ‘pivot’ this letter exchange sprang into my mind.

I’m weirdly proud that it’s the shortest story entered in the weekly draw for an instructor critique…

In it, I take the historical exchange of letters between Theodor Herzl (founder of modern Zionism) and Yusuf Diya al-Din Pasha al-Khalidi (a native member of the Jerusalem elite) and imagine that there is a curious postscript, as well as a different consequence for the exchange. It was also inspired by Ted Chiang’s ‘The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate.‘ Read: “it has time travel in it!”

I sent it in as my first ever submission to Lightspeed Magazine. Lightspeed is a dream market for me; I was first inspired to write short speculative fiction by listening to their podcast. It hasn’t been on sub for long, and I always agonize over submission periods. I don’t mind rejections, though. I should talk a bit about submissions and such later…

Above is the first paragraph of my WIP for week two of the writing workshop. I started it early, but the prompt really works well for where I was taking it: rituals and traditions!

Ok, I am procrastinating at this point. Bye for now, friends!

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