In the beginning…

Hello, friends. It’s been a minute since I blogged here. I intend to clear away the dust and cobwebs, to restore my blogging practice in the wake of the social media apocalypse. Hopefully, I will be posting here on a regular basis. I’m especially keen to rebuild my archive of Palestinian folklore threads in the form of posts, so stay tuned!

But enough of that… What I’m up to lately is formally working on world building! I’ve been working on my fantasy Palestine setting since 2003. Most of this work has been lost to time. What I have so far is a map–and who doesn’t love a good map?! I’m also slowly putting together a wiki.

Today I’ve used a dice roller to assign government types to each of the sixteen city-states of Philistia (so deliberate, right?). Look, I was having a severe case of analysis paralysis! I used a 4 sided die which did mean… well, the 4 was ‘anarchy.’ And it just happened that a whopping five out of the sixteen city-states are some form of anarchist settlement!

I have to do a lot of research on anarchy now. Which brings me to a question for you all: what are some of your favourite resources about world building and governments?

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