Les Septs Crins Magiques et Autres Contes de Palestine, 2011

Les Sept Crins Magiques et Autres Contes de Palestine, by Praline Gay-Para and Louise Heugel is a delightful little book. The stories were told originally by Fakhri Habib Ghnayyim of Beit Jala, Taghrid Abou-Srour from Bethlehem, while others are from collections by Inea Bushnaq and Sonia Nimr.

Sommaire/ SUMMARY

  • Les deux frères [The Two Brothers]
  • L’ogre Ghaddar [Ghaddar the Ghoul]
  • L’ami reconnaissant [The Grateful Friend]
  • L’homme paresseux cherche sa chance [The Lazy Man Seeks His Luck]
  • Le jasmin qui danse, l’eau qui chante et l’oiseau avisé [The Dancing Jasmine, the Singing Water, and the Wise Bird]
  • Le dromadaire et l’âne [The Camel and the Donkey]
  • Les sept crins magiques [The Seven Magic Hairs]
  • Le partage de l’héritage [Sharing the Legacy]

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