Abu Jmeel’s Daughter and Other Stories: Arab Folk Tales from Palestine and Lebanon, 2002

The teller of these tales is Jamal Sleem Nuweihed, but we are also given a lineage of tellers she received the stories from over the course of her life, with each given a short bio!

The Palestinian Lady: Sitt Nuzha
Aunt Jamal wrote:
This lady was the most entertaining of all the storytellers. Her memory was extremely sharp, and she could sing the popular muwwals (folk songs) and the eulogies of the Prophet. She could interpret dreams, too, and tell peoples’ fortunes with the aid of her rosary. Above all, she was a wonder in her knowledge of human nature and its secrets, very skillful in describing anything she wanted to… We all loved her.

Before I delve too deeply, I should address how not all of these stories are Palestinian. The book provides no information on which tales were told by whom. Although I think it would have been interesting to compare the tellers and their tales, the ambiguity here speaks to the messy nature of a living folktale tradition where stories were freely migrating, just as Mrs.Nuweihed did, from country to country.

  1. Clever Hasan
  2. Rummana
  3. Qamar al-Zamaan and Shams al-Dunya
  4. Nani, Daughter of Nani
  5. Jubaybani
  6. The Shrieking Nightingale
  7. Sitt al-Boudour from beyond the Seven Seas
  8. Amina
  9. Women’s Wiles Beat Mens’ Wiles
  10. Mine to Use, As I Choose
  11. The Fawwal’s Daughter
  12. Marzouq the Woodcutter
  13. Hassan al-Waqqad
  14. The Black Goat
  15. Hajji Brumbock
  16. The Poor Cousin
  17. Sons of the Wealthy, Daughters of the Poor
  18. The Most Eligible Bachelor
  19. Abu Jmeel’s Daughter
  20. The Cat of Cats
  21. Never Betray the One Who Trusts You
  22. The Patient Woman and the Peevish Prince
  23. The Midwife’s Daughter and the Bandit
  24. Prince Naas
  25. Aunt Zaynab
  26. The Tailor’s Daughter
  27. The Golden Shoe

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