Tales Told in Palestine, 1904

You can download Tales Told in Palestine by J.E. Hanauer in several formats (including pdf, mobi, epub, and plain text) from the Internet Archive Open Library link here. The following is a list of the tales included in the volume along with categorizations:

Anecdotes More or Less Historical

  • The Lions of Saint Stephen’s Gate
  • At the Gate
  • A Nameless Tomb
  • The Grave of Kolonimos
  • The Talking Door
  • The Stolen Leben
  • The Well of the Dog
  • The Queer Folk of Dayr ‘Es-Senne
  • The Kurds of Hebron
  • The Maidens’ Chambers
  • The Saragossa Roll
  • Genuine Kindness
  • ‘Allah the Bountiful
  • A Shrewd Judge
  • A Wise Answer
  • Birth vs. Training
  • The Decisions of Karakash
    • An Eye for an Eye
    • An Impractioable [sic] Sentence
    • The Weight of Evidence

Legends of Saints and Heroes

  • The Tree of the Cross
  • The Mighty Men of Old
  • Abraham and the Animals
  • The Adventures of Abraham
  • The Death of Abraham
  • A Variation on Job
  • Moses’ Shepherd
  • David and Uriah
  • An Incorrigible Boaster
  • ‘El-Khudr
  • St.George and the Dragon
  • Hakim Risto

Stories of Modern Miracles

  • An Abundant Answer
  • The Paralyzed Assassin
  • The Lost Dagger
  • A Miraculous Deliverance
  • A Friend in Need
  • Elijah in Alexandria
  • The Tenth Man
  • A Contest in Generosity
  • A Wonderful Chain
  • Dumb Dogs

Tales Embodying Popular Superstitions

  • The Origin of the Jan
  • A Pledge of Ill Luck
  • An Unwilling Husband
  • The Magical Name
  • Modesty and Avarice
  • Ambiguous Names
  • A Timely Grace
  • A Jinni’s Hospitality
  • The Day of Judgement
  • A Feeble Folk
  • The Woodcutter’s Daughter
  • A Sudden Transformation

Specimens of Oriental Wit and Wisdom

  • The Mysteries of Providence
  • The Angel of Death
  • A Glimpse Behind the Scenes
  • A Rare Occasion
  • The Lost Chapter
  • A Curious Calendar
  • The Devil A Learner
  • A Shrewd Saleswoman
  • A Loosened Tent-Peg
  • The Devil Outdone
  • At A Fire
  • The Hoopoe’s Stories
    • Wasted Affection
    • A Remedy for Shrewishness
    • The Last Resort
  • The Camel’s Grievance

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